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MyraSivaloganathanGraduate StudentMcGill, McMasterCanada

Sri Lanka; Buddhism; Hinduism; South Asia; Nationalism; Religious Fundamentalism; Interfaith Relations; Transitional Justice; International Law
Michelle C.WangAssociate ProfessorGeorgetown UniversityUS — Northeast

Buddhist art in China, Dunhuang art, Silk Road art, mural paintings, esoteric Buddhism, Tang dynasty (618-907)
UteHuskenProfessorCultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology); South Asia Institute, Heidelberg UniversityEurope

India, South Asia, Hinduism Buddhism, Ritual Studies, Gender Studies, Buddhist Monastic Law, Theravada Buddhism, South India, Vishnuism, Vaishnava traditions, Pancaratra, Vaikhanasa, festivals
ElenaValussiAdvanced LecturerHistory Department, Loyola University ChicagoUS — Midwest

Chinese religions, Gender, Daoism, Spirit Writing, religious networks, Late Imperial Chinese Religions
Leah KalmansonAssociate ProfessorDrake UniversityUS — Midwest

Asian and comparative philosophy; Pure Land Buddhism in East Asia; Buddhism, Ruism, and Daoism in Song-dynasty China
NatashaHellerAssociate ProfessorUniversity of VirginiaUS — South

Buddhism, Confucianism, children, family, China, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, literati, Chan, surveillance
RongdaoLaiAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUS — West

Modern China
Chinese Religion
Buddhist Education
Transnational religion
Southeast Asia
ElishevaPerelmanAssistant ProfessorCollege of Saint Benedict/Saint John's UniversityUS — Midwest

Japan, medical missions, YMCA, Salvation Army, St Luke's Hospital, Omi Brotherhood
GinaEliaIndependent Scholar/Mandarin and ESL High School TeacherNorth Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek, FloridaUS — South

Christianity, China, literature, Xu Dishan, Su Xuelin, Bing Xin, Republican Era, May Fourth Movement, language

TJHinrichsAssociate ProfessorCornell UniversityChina, US — Northeast

shamans, healing, Song dynasty
NekyCheungAdjunct Assistant Professor The Chinese University of Hong KongChina  
PamelaHerronlecturerUniversity of Texas at El PasoUS — West

Confucianism, Daoism, nature, environment, eco-criticism, China culture
MayfairYangProfessorUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUS — West

religion and economy;
religion and the state;
gender and religion
religious history
religion and media
JesseyChooAssociate Professor of Chinese History and ReligionRutgers University-New BrunswickUS — Northeast

medieval China, entombed epigraphy, women, childbirth, death, memory, identity, agency, hell, ritual healing, magio-medicine
MeganBrysonAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleUS — South

East Asian religions, Chinese religions, Southwest China, Yunnan, Buddhism, gender, ethnicity, Zen, esoteric Buddhism, Buddhist networks
AprilHughesAssistant ProfessorBoston University US — Northeast

Medieval China, Buddhism, Dunhuang, apocryphal scriptures, Maitreya Buddha, apocalypticism
HollyWaltersPost-DocBrandeis UniversityUS — Northeast

Hinduism, Buddhism, Shaligram, Fossil Folklore, India, Nepal
XiaofeiKangAssociate Professor of ReligionGeorge Washington UniversityChina  
IlyseMorgenstein FuerstAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Vermont US — Northeast

South Asia, Islam, imperialism, religion, race and racialization, Mughal Empire, British Empire, early modern, modern, colonial
JaclynMichaelAssistant Professor of Asian ReligionsUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaUS — South

Asian religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, performance in religion
StephanieBalkwillAssistant ProfessorThe University of WinnipegUS — Midwest

Northern and Southern Dynasties, Conquest Dynasties, Epigraphy, Apocrypha, Statecraft, Women and Power, Women and Textual Culture, Bodhisattva Sex Change
BertheJansenProfessorLeipzig universityEurope

Tibetan Buddhism
Social history and religion
Law and Buddhism
Oral Buddhist traditions
Tibetan monasticism
Vinaya in practice
LaxshmiGreaves-AndradeEarly Careers Leverhulme FellowshipCardiff UniversityEurope

History of South Asian Religious Art, Architecture and Archaeology

YingZhangAssociate Professor Ohio State UniversityUS — Midwest

I am a Ming historian working primarily on Confucianism but I will study Chinese religion as lived religion, esp how it shaped the everyday life and politics of the literati.

HildeDe WeerdtProfessor of Chinese historyUniversiteit LeidenEurope

Chinese history, Confucianism
SimonaLazzeriniGraduate studentStanford UniversityUS — West

China, Chinese Buddhism, East Asian Buddhism, Chinese Religions, demonology, female deities
VesnaWallaceFull ProfessorUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUS — West

South Asian Religions - Buddhism in general and Buddhist tantra in particular, Buddhist medicine, ethics, etc.
Mongolian Buddhism

RobinRinehartProfessorLafayette College US — Northeast

Hinduism, Sikhism; hagiography; textual studies; South Asia; Punjab

Erica BrindleyProfessorPennsylvania State UniversityUS — Northeast

Chinese intellectual history, religion, and philosophy; Daoism; Confucianism; Mohism

Pamela D.WinfieldAssociate Professor, Department of Religious StudiesElon UniversityUS — South

Buddhism, premodern/modern Japan, China, esoteric (mikkyo), Zen, visual culture, material culture, sacred space, body, healing, new religious movements, comparative mysticism
ElizabethWilliams-OerbergPostdocUniversity of Copenhagen/University of MichiganEurope

Buddhism, Ladakh, Himalayas, India, Youth, Contemporary Buddhism, Global Buddhism, Buddhism and Econony, Tourism, Education
BrookeSchedneckAssistant Professor of Religious StudiesRhodes CollegeUS — South

Thailand, Southeast Asia, Theravada Buddhism, Contemporary Religion
AndreaValedon-Trapote PhD studentUniversity of Michigan Department of HistoryUS — Midwest

Chinese Islam, religious and cultural networks between early modern Persia and China, Mongol sovereignty and gender

WendyDossettSenior Lecturer in Religious StudiesUniversity of ChesterEurope

Japanese Pure Land Buddhism, Mindfulness, Buddhism and Addiction Recovery, Buddhism and Education in the UK
Alison Melnick Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Bates CollegeUS — Northeast

Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, history of religion, hagiography, gender studies, privilege studies, treasure revelation (gter ma), 18th-21st century, Ladakh, Mingyur Peldron (mi 'gyur dpal sgron).

Esther-MariaGuggenmosVisiting Research FellowFriedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-NürnbergEuropeChinese Buddhism, Chinese Religions, processes of cultural exchange, religious aesthetics, Buddhism and divination, Buddhist apocryphs, contemporary Buddhism.
NicoleWillockAssistant ProfessorOld Dominion UniversityUS — Northeast, US — South

China, Tibet, Buddhism, Tibetan poetry, history, secularism

LeslieOrrProfessorConcordia University - MontrealCanada

South India, Tamil Nadu, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, medieval history, temples, women
SaskiaKersenboomRetired Associate Professor in Linguistic Anthropology, Musicology and Theatre StudiesUniversity of AmsterdamEurope, South Asia

Hinduism, Devadasis, Hindu Temple Ritual, Indian Dance, Music and Aesthetics
KerstinRadde-Antweilerprofessor Departement of Religious Studies, University of Bremen (Germany)Europe

Philippines, Roman Catholic Church, Charismatic Movements
BeverleyMcGuireAssociate Professor of East Asian ReligionsUniversity of North Carolina WilmingtonUS — South

Late imperial Chinese Buddhism, religion and media, comparative religious ethics. Themes include: karma, repentance, divination, and games.

IselinFrydenlundAssociate ProfessorMF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and SocietyEurope

Buddhism, politics, nationalism, violence, gender, Othering, Sri Lanka, Myanmar.

Andrea MarionPinkneyAssociate ProfessorMcGill University  

South Asia
JennOrtegrenAssistant ProfessorMiddlebury CollegeUS — Northeast

Hinduism, South Asian Islam, Gender, Class, Ethnography, Rituals
RachelleScottAssociate Professor University of TennesseeUS — South

Buddhism, Southeast Asia, contemporary religion

Anna AndreevaResearch fellowHeidelberg Centre for Transcultural StudiesEurope, Japan and Korea

East Asian Buddhism, Japanese religions, history of medicine, women's health

Vanessa Sasson FacultyMarianopolis College 

Buddhism, hagiography, women, children, ordination

YuditGreenbergProfessor of religionRollins CollegeUS — South

Cross cultural studies of gender and sexuality, women in Judaism

AmyAlloccoAssociate Professor of Religious Studies and Director, Multifaith Scholars ProgramElon UniversityUS — South

India (focus: Tamil Nadu, South India)
Hindu Goddesses
Ethnography and Performance Studies
Ritual Studies
Death and Dying
Gender and Religion
South Asian Religions
Karma LeksheTsomoProfessor of Theology and Religious StudiesUniversity of San DiegoUS — West

Buddhist feminist philosophy, Buddhism and bioethics, death and dying, comparative religious ethics, Buddhist social ethics, Buddhist transnationalism
RebeccaBloomPhD Candidate, Buddhist Studies & Himalayan ArtUniversity of MichiganUS — Midwest, US — West, South Asia

Tibetan Buddhism
Buddhist art
Tibetan art
Himalayan art
Printed books
Vinaya commentary
Vinaya murals
Museum shrines
Monastery museums

KarinPolitProfessorInstitute of Anthropology, University of TuebingenEurope

Himalayas, Garhwal, Ritual Studies, Hinduism, Dalit, Anthropology of Memory, Violence and Heritage
JueLiangDoctoral CandidateUNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIAUS — South, China

Chinese Buddhism, history of religion, hagiography, gender studies, narrative, Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Treasure (gter ma) revelation, women in Buddhism.

MalloryHennigarPhD Candidate Syracuse University US — Northeast

Maharashtra, India, Dalit religions, Ambedkarite Buddhism, anti-caste movements, South asian religions, youth, meditation
SusanAndrewsAssociate professorMount Allison UniversityUS — West, Canada

East Asian religions, Buddhism, sacred place, pilgrimage, collaborative and embodied pedagogies.

LangChenAssistant professor Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityChina / Taiwan / Hong Kong

Chinese Buddhism, late-Ming Buddhism, religious tradition of chinese literati

EricaBaffelliSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Japanese StudiesThe University of ManchesterEurope

Japan, minority religions, new religious movements, religion and media, religion and violence,
Pamela GwynnePriceProfessor EmeritaUniversity of OsloEurope

South India, Hinduism, royal and monastic rituals, monasteries
KateHartmannPhD candidateHarvard UniversityUS — Northeast

Tibet, buddhism, pilgrimage, phenomenology, vision, seeing

KateHartmannPhD candidateHarvard UniversityUS — Northeast

Tibet, buddhism, pilgrimage, phenomenology, vision, seeing

Hsiao-LanHuAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Detroit MercyUS — Midwest

Buddhist-feminist social ethics

AntoinetteDeNapoliAssociate Professor of Religion/South Asian ReligionsTexas Christian UniversityUS — South

South Asia, India, Hinduism, women gurus and renouncers, renunciation in South Asia, mysticism, devotional traditions, ritual and narrative traditions, gender and performance, gender and modernity, the nexus of gender, religion, and the public sphere in contemporary India.
MonicaHortegasPhD studentUFJF, Minas Gerais, BrasilUS — Midwest

Self, Zen Buddhism, the ten oxherding pictures, Kyoto School, religious studies.

Hanne BruinProgram ManagerKattaikkuttu Sangam & Kattaikkuttu GurukulamSouth Asia

Women performers, rural/popular theatre, Tamil theatre, Kattaikkuttu, popular Hinduism, rural devadasi tradition.
MarzennaCzerniak-DrozdzowiczProfessorJagiellonian University, Cracow, PolandEurope

South Asia, India, early Vaishnava traditions (especially Pancaratara) and their Sanskrit literature, religious art of South India
RanoTuraevapost-doc researcherMax Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and Leibnitz Institute for Regional GeographyEurope

Islam in Russia, Islam in Central Asia, Migration and Islam, Halal economies in post-Soviet region
TaniaSaeedAssistant ProfessorLahore University of Management Sciences South Asia

Muslims in the UK
Religious Tolerance and Education in Pakistan
Sociology of Intolerance
EwaDębicka-Borekassistant professorJagiellonian University in KrakowEurope

South Asia, India, Andhra, Pāñcarātra tradition, Sanskrit religious literature, Vaiṣṇavism, Narasiṃha cult, Ahobilam tradition, māhātmya literatureębickaBorek
ReikoOhnumaProfessor and Chair of ReligionDartmouth CollegeUS — Northeast

South Asian Buddhism; Sanskrit; Pali; narrative literature
NurhaizatulJamilAssistant professor Pratt Institute US — Northeast

Islam, self-help, Singapore, gender, political economy, ethics, consumption, fashion, social media, racial capitalisms

ReneeFordPhD studentRice UniversityUS — West

Tibetan Buddhism, Ritual theory, Performance theory, Tantra, Dzogchen

LoriMeeksAssociate Professor of ReligionUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUS — West

Japanese Religions; Buddhism; Women and Gender in Japanese Religion, History, and Literature; Social History; Buddhist Texts and Preaching
FrancesGarrettAssociate ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada

Tibetan Buddhism, Tibet, Sikkim, Himalayan Studies, Tibetan Studies, history of medicine, Tibetan medicine
HeikeOberlinAssociate Professor of IndologyUniversity of Tuebingen, GermanyEurope

Performing arts of India
Sanskrit theatre, specially Kūṭiyāṭṭam, female characters and female performers
Manuscript studies, specially South Indian palm leaf manuscripts
Kerala and Malayalam studies: language, literature, culture and history
Gender studies
Digital humanities
History of Indology
OphiraGamlielLecturer in South Asian ReligionsUniversity of GlasgowEurope

South India, Kerala
Hinduism, Buddhism, Kerala Jews, Mappila Muslims, Syrian Christians
Sanskrit, Malayalam, Malayalam dialects and regional literary traditions, Jewish Malayalam, Arabic Malayalam
Medieval Kerala, religious networks between Malabar and West Asia, Geniza Indian trade letters
ritual theory, shared festivals, temple theatre
SuzanneBessengerAssociate ProfessorRandolph CollegeUS — South

Tibetan Buddhism, gender and Buddhism, religious auto/biography

LaraBraitsteinAssociate ProfessorMcGill UniversityCanada

Himalayas, Tibet, South Asia, Buddhism, Mahamudra, literature, poetry, poetics, hagiography, historiography
AmyHolmes-TagchungdarpaAssociate ProfessorOccidental CollegeUS — West

Cultural history, ethnography, textual and material cultures of the Himalayas - Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, China - and their global connections
Anna LeeWhitePhD StudentMcGill University Canada

North India, Hindi, Braj Bhasa, Sanskrit, bhakti, devotional traditions, history of religion, hagiography

RachelleSaruyaPhD CandidateUniversity of TorontoCanada

Myanmar/Burmese Buddhism, gender and Buddhism, monasticism, Buddhist nuns, Abhidhamma, religious education, Burmese diaspora in the US

PaulinaKolataDoctoral ResearcherThe University of ManchesterEurope

Buddhism, Japan, Japanese Buddhism, religions in Japan, ethnography, regional studies, depopulation, ageing, temple economies, materiality of religion, religion and economy, death and dying,
SarahMatticeAssociate ProfessorUniversity of North FloridaUS — South

China, Japan, Korea, Confucianism, Ruism, Buddhism, Daoism, Heart Sutra, women and gender in Asian philosophy

SaraZavaree PhD candidateEurope

Spirit Possession
Persian Gulf
Indian Ocean
Swahili Coast
Shih-shan Susan HuangAssociate Professor of Chinese ArtRice UniversityUS — South

Chinese art, Daoist art, Buddhist art, Buddhist print culture, Song, Xi Xia, Yuan, Ming

Jea SophiaOhAssistant Professor of PhilosophyWest Chester University of PennsylvaniaUS — Northeast

Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Religion and Ecology, Confucianism, Daoism, Korean Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Postcolonial /Postmodern Studies

YuZhangAssistant ProfessorLoyola University MarylandUS — Northeast, US — South, China / Taiwan / Hong Kong

literature in late imperial/early Republican China, gender studies, women's roles in Christianity

NatashaMiklesLecturerTexas State UniversityUS — South

Tibetan religion, Buddhist hell, Gesar epic, Masculinity, Yama, Monsters and religions, Popular Narratives, Folk Stories,

DorisJakobshProfessor and Associate Chair, Graduate StudiesUniversity of WaterlooCanada  
DorisJakobshProfessor and Associate Chair, Graduate StudiesUniversity of WaterlooCanada

India and Punjab, Canada, Sikhs and Sikhism, Gender construction, Identity construction, Sikhs and WWW, Sikhs and women, Sikhs and material/lived religion

Tali Hershkovitz PhD student Brown University US — Northeast

China, Daoism, Buddhism, Women in Chinese religions (hoping to expand to Japanese religions as well), hagiographies.

RaquelBousoAssociate professorUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, BarcelonaEurope

Asian religions

NoelleGiuffridaResearch Associate, Affiliate FacultyCenter for East Asian Studies, the University of KansasUS — Midwest

China, Daoism, Daoist visual culture, material culture, visual narratives
Jin YParkProfessorAmerican UniversityUS — Northeast

East Asia, Korea, Buddhism, Chan/Son and Huayan/Hwaom Buddhism. Modern East Asian Buddhism. Buddhist ethics. Gender. Women in Korean Buddhism. Buddhist and postmodernism. Derrida and Buddhism.
HeatherBlairAssociate ProfessorIndiana UniversityUS — Midwest

Japanese religions, East Asian Buddhism, materiality and visual culture, pilgrimage and sacred landscape, gender, ritual and politics, children's literature

JessicaMainassociate professorThe University of British ColumbiaCanada

Buddhism, Ethics, and Human Rights
Modern Buddhist Institutions, Law, and Governance
Buddhists and Buddhist Institutions Active in Modern Society: Social Welfare, Healthcare and Healing, Rehabilitation, Incarceration and Corrections
Modern Japanese Religions and Society
Japanese True Pure Land Buddhism (Jōdo Shinshū 浄土真宗)
JustineQuijadaAssistant Professor, Dept. of ReligionWesleyan UniversityUS — Northeast

Republic of Buryatia, Siberia, Russian Federation, Shamanism, Ritual, Anthropology of Religion, Secularism, Animism, Ritual Chronotopes
Jane NaomiIwamuraInaugural Director of the Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism and Associate Professor of Religious StudiesUniversity of the WestUS — West

Asian American religions, Asian religions in the U.S., Buddhism in the U.S., race, religion, popular culture, visual culture

MichaelaMrossAssistant ProfessorStanford UniversityUS — West

Japanese Buddhism, Sōtō Zen, Shingon Buddhism, Buddhist rituals, sacred music, and material culture
ChristinaLaffinAssociate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Premodern Japanese Literature and CultureUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada

Premodern (before 1600) Japanese literature; nuns; mobility; education; socialization; women's history; travel records; poetry; diaries; tales
PingYaoProfessor of HistoryCalifornia State University Los AngelesUS — West

Buddhism, women and gender, Tang dynasty
Alicia TurnerAssociate ProfessorYork University, TorontoCanada

Buddhism, Burma/Myanmar, Colonialism, Nationalism, Secularism, Gender, Buddhist Networks
AnneMurphyAssociate ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada

Punjab, India, Pakistan, early modern, modern, literary, religious, material culture, literature, memory, history, language.
AnneMoniusProfessor of South Asian ReligionsHarvard Divinity SchoolUS — Northeast

religion and literature, medieval, Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain

Rebecca JManringAssociate Professor; Director of Language InstructionIndiana UniversityUS — Midwest, South Asia

Middle Bengali language and literature; Sanskrit; Vaishnavism; hagiography; epic literature; grammar; Hinduisms

JessicaLockeAssistant Professor of PhilosophyLoyola University MarylandUS — Northeast

Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist ethics, cross-cultural philosophy, moral psychology

KatherineAlexanderAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Colorado, BoulderUS — West

Qing dynasty, early modern China, Taiping War, Taiping Rebellion, Chinese popular religion, baojuan, precious scrolls, early modern Chinese religion, early modern Chinese religious publishing, early modern Chinese fiction, Ming-Qing literature, Ming-Qing publication history, Ming-Qing Taiwan,
Merin ShobhanaXavierAssistant ProfessorQueen's UniversityCanada

Sri Lanka
Tamil Islam
Sufism in
Muslim Women in
Sacred spaces and pilgrimages
KamnoushKhosrovaniPhD candidateEcole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Europe

ritual performance, bodily practice, sufism, gender studies, dance studies

Janine AndersonSAWADAProfessorBrown UniversityUS — Northeast

Japan; early modern; premodern; intellectual history; religious history; popular religions

MonikaDixAssociate Professor of Japanese Language, Literature and CultureSaginaw Valley State UniversityUS — Midwest

Japan, Heian/ Kamakura period, women in Buddhist literature and art, buddhist narratives

AdaTaggar-CohenFull Professor; Director of the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Monotheistic ReligionsFaculty of Theology, Doshisha University, Kyoto, JapanJapan and Korea

Women in the Ancient Near East, Women in Ancient Judaism (Ancient Levant, Anatolia and Mesopotamia)
KarenDerrisProfessorUniversity of RedlandsUS — West

Southeast Asia

Barbara R.AmbrosProfessor of East Asian ReligionsDepartment of Religious Studies, University of Carolina at Chapel HillUS — South

gender studies; human-animal relationships; place and space; and pilgrimage; Buddhism, Shinto, folk religion, new religious movements in Japan
MaryPiconemaître de conférences (associate professor)Ecole des Hautes etudes en Sciences Sociales, Centre de Recherches sur le Japon, ParisEurope

Japan, Popular religion, Buddhism, Shintô
representations of death, death rituals and disposal of the body including kentai, mizuko kuyô (rites afor soul aborted fetuses/stillborn) material culture religious objects, contemporary representations of Hell and afterlife, ghosts and ghost stories or sightings according in various media,
Jane-MarieLawAssociate Professor of Japanese ReligionsCornell UniversityUS — Northeast

religion and ecology, meditation, popular religion, Zen praxis,

JaneCapleMarie Curie FellowCopenhagen UniversityEurope

Tibet, Amdo, Qinghai, Buddhism, Religion and Economy, Monasticism, Gift, 20th/21st centuries

SusanWhitfieldHonorary and freelanceUniversity College LondonEurope

Silk Road, Central Asia, China, medieval, Buddhism, art and architecture, material culture,
LisaKochinskiFourth-year PhD studentUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUS — West

Classical and Medieval Japanese religions, ritual, Buddhism, East Asian religious transmission
MercedesValmisaAssistant Professor of PhilosophyGettysburg CollegeUS — Northeast

Early China
Chinese thought
MaryamTafakoryPhD student Kingston University London Europe

Iran, Sexual desire & Islam, Women's Rituals, Darwish/Sofi Rituals, Zoorkhaneh, Gender, Violence, Performance, Experimental Film & Autoethnography.
PatriciaGrahamResearch Associate, Center for East Asian StudiesUniversity of KansasUS — West

Early Modern Japanese Buddhist art, contemporary Japanese Buddhist visual culture, by independent artists and for religious institutions, women makers of contemporary Japanese Buddhist arts
ElizabethTinsley UC IrvineUS — West

Buddhism, East Asian Religions, Japanese Tantric/Esoteric Buddhism, Ritual, Shinto, Kagura Dance, Buddhist/religious visual cultures, spirit possession, the ethics of viewing, constructions of gender and sexuality, religion in postwar subcultures (Japan)
Dawn H.CollinsTeaching FellowSOAS, LondonEurope  
TrineBroxAssociate ProfessorUniversity of CopenhagenEurope

Tibetan Buddhism: collection research, commodities; contact zones, dung, economy, ethnography, markets, mass-production, material culture, museums, politics, prayer wheels, secularisms, sacred waste, waste, value -- in India, Tibet, China and in connection with the wider world.
JuliaCrossPhD candidateHarvard UniversityUS — Northeast

Japanese religions. Buddhism. Kamakura era. Relics. Nuns. Reliquaries. The body. Art history. Visual culture. Gender studies.

DanaMirsalisPhD CandidateHarvard UniversityUS — Northeast

Shinto, Japanese religion, modern and contemporary, postwar, ethnography, history, gender studies, female Shinto priests (女子神職),

HannahGouldARC Research Fellow; PhD Candidate The University of Melbourne Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Pacific

Japan, Korea, Buddhism, Material Religion, death, mourning
GwendolynGillsonVisiting Assistant ProfessorOberlin CollegeUS — Midwest

Pure Land Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, gender, women, affect theory, ethnography of religion, feminism, Japanese religions
RebeccaMendelsonPhD StudentDuke UniversityUS — South, Japan and Korea

Zen, East Asian Buddhism, Japanese religion, modern, laity and nuns, gender studies

LuciaDolceReader SOAS University of LondonEurope

Japan, Buddhism, ritual, religious iconography, combinatory beliefs

ConstanceKassorAssistant Professor of Religious StudiesLawrence UniversityUS — Midwest

Buddhist Philosophy, Madhyamaka, Tibet, Himalayas, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Thought, South Asia, Religion
GiuliaCavicchioli De TogniPhD Candidate in Social, Legal and Linguistic AnthropologyUniversity College LondonEurope

Japanese studies, Shintoism, Buddhism, New Religions, Social Anthropology
LindseyDeWittFlanders Research Foundation (FWO) Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Languages and Cultures, Centre for Buddhist StudiesGhent UniversityEurope

Buddhism, Japanese religions, gender, cultural heritage, pilgrimage, monasticism

AnnabellaPitkinAssistant ProfessorLehigh UniversityUS — Northeast

Tibet, Himalayan region, China, India, Buddhism, social theory, affect, narrative and poetic literature, modernity, secularism, miracles, social change, technology,
AuraDi FeboPhD studentMissEurope

Japanese new religions, Japanese Buddhism, Faith-based welfare, Religiously inspired activism
María JoséNietoStudentGranada's Universitaria (UGR)Europe

Ceremonies and rituals to celebrate the birth and growth of children in Japan

CarinaRothResearch and Teaching FellowUniversity of GenevaEurope

Medieval Japanese religions
Mountain religions

XeniaZeilerAssociate ProfessorUniversity of HelsinkiEurope

Hindu traditions, particularly as related to digital culture (video games, social media); digital Hinduism; mediatized Hinduism; Hindu Tantric traditions
JulieReganAssistant Professor La Salle University US — Northeast

Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist literary works in Sanskrit & Tibetan, World Literature & Gender Studies.

RominaRossiPhD studentLa Sapienza, RomeEurope

Psychoanalysis, Psychology of Religion, Gender Studies, Feminism, Hinduism, History of Religions, Myth

MelynMcKayDPhil (c) and research consultantUniversity of OxfordEurope

Buddhism, Myanmar, Burma, Nuns, Nationalism, Radicalisation, Conflict, Peace building, Rohingya, Rakhine, Theravada
JoannaGruszewskaPhD studentJagiellonian UniversityEurope

India, Buddhism, Pali Canon, Buddhist literature, Women in early Buddhism, Buddhist monasticism
IkeaJohnsonHuel D. Perkins Doctoral Research Fellow Louisiana State University US — South

South Asia, East Asia, America, Zen philosophy, Vajrayana, Intersectionality of Zen in African-American and Asian literature, Translation, Memory, Ecocriticism
AlexandraLoopGraduate StudentMcMaster UniversityCanada

Japanese religions, LGBTQ+ issues, Women’s religious experience, Japanese-Canadian religious experience, sexuality, popular culture, representation, role-models

SohiniPillaiPhD Candidate UC BerkeleyUS — West

Hindu Religious Traditions, the Mahabharata, Bhakti traditions

DeonnieMoodieAssistant ProfessorUniversity of OklahomaUS — South

Hinduism, temple, urban, religion, economy, landscape, law, Kali, Kalighat, colonial, postcolonial, modernity
PreaPersaudLecturerUniversity of North Carolina, Charlotte US — South

Diasporic Hinduism, Caribbean religions, postcolonialism, indentureship

LuZhangPh. D studentDepartment of East Asian Studies, University of ArizonaUS — South, US — West

Chinese Buddhism, Chan, Neo-Confucianism, Medieval Chinese intellectual history

JacquelineStoneprofessorPrinceton UniversityUS — Northeast

Buddhism, Japanese Religion, medieval Japanese Buddhism, Kamakura Buddhism, Lotus Sutra and its reception history, Tendai Buddhism, original enlightenment, Nichiren, Nichiren Buddhism, death in Buddhism, Buddhism and national identity formation, Buddhism and the state, modern Buddhism
JessicaStarlingAssistant ProfessorLewis & Clark CollegeUS — West

Buddhism, Jodo Shinshu, Japanese religions, religion and gender, modern Buddhism, Temple Buddhism, domestic religion, leprosy
DessislavaVendovaPhD CandidateColumbia University, Dept. of ReligionUS — Northeast

Buddhism, East Asian Religions, Life of the Buddha, jataka, Buddhist narratives, Buddhist art, Buddhist material and visual culture, Buddhist cave temples, pre-modern Chinese Buddhism
SujungKimAssistant ProfessorDePauw UniversityUS — Midwest

Buddhism (Medieval Japanese Buddhism); East Asian Religions; Modern/Contemporary Korean Buddhism; Buddhist Mythology; Visual and Material Culture; Maritime Networks; Gender
AnnaSunAssociate Professor of Sociology and Asian StudiesKenyon CollegeUS — Midwest

Confucianism in contemporary China; Global Confucianism; prayer as social action; ritual theory; gender in urban religion

Inken ProhlProfessorHeidelberg UniversityEurope

Japan, Germany, Transformed Buddhism, Material Religion, Branding, Neoliberalism
NaokoKobayashiAssociate ProfessorAichi Gakuin UniversityJapan and Korea

Japanese folk religions, Mountain worship, Religion and gender, Prohibited to women
AllysonKohen-TangGraduate StudentUC BerkeleyUS — Northeast

I work on late imperial - contemporary Chinese religion. I am interested in the religious history of China, the conceptualization of superstition and Siberian shamanism. I am also interested in the strange tales of late imperial vernacular literature and Wang Chong.

JenniferEichmanResearch AssociateSOAS, Centre of Buddhist StudiesUS — Northeast, Europe

My primary area of expertise is late Ming dynasty (1368-1644) Chinese Buddhist and Confucian traditions, however, my research extends from the sixteenth to twenty-first century. My most enduring theoretical interest is in the relationship between network and discourse. I also work on hagiography, monastic precepts, food and religion, animals and religion, and reading practices.

AnnHeirman(full) professor Ghent University - BelgiumEurope

History of Buddhist monasticism from India to China (until ca. 10th century); Buddhist disciplinary texts; Buddhist material culture
Cynthea J. BogelProfessorKyushu UniversityJapan and Korea

Japanese art and architectural history, Buddhist visual cultures of Asia, religious visual cultures of Japan, ritual and representation, contemporary events at Japanese temples Lightups, art installations, Buddhist aesthetics, curation of Buddhist icons and materials, museum display of religious arts, wood and other sculpture materials or techniques, preservation, Korea-China-Japan religious exchange seventh through ninth century, Yakushiji, Esoteric Buddhist visual culture, Asuka, Nara, Heian
DonnaBrown PhD student University of Manitoba Canada

Tibetan buddhism, Buddhist modernism, forgiveness

KarlineMcLainProfessorBucknell UniversityUS — Northeast

South Asian religions
Gandhi studies
Shirdi Sai Baba
Indian comic books
Hsin-YiLinAssistant ProfessorFo Guang UniversityChina / Taiwan / Hong Kong

Chinese Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Buddhism and Gender, Buddhism and Healing

Hsin-YiLinAssistant ProfessorFo Guang UniversityChina / Taiwan / Hong Kong

Chinese Buddhism, Chinese Religion, Buddhism and Gender, Buddhism and Healing林欣儀-22754842
Kwi JeongLeePostdocColumbia UniversityUS — Northeast

China, East Asia, Buddhism, material culture, media theory, rhetoric, translation studies, interreligious dialogue, apologetics

Ji HyangPadmaDirector, Comparative Religion & Philosophy ProgramCalifornia Institute for Human ScienceUS — West

Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, healing, medicine, comparative religions, interreligious dialogue, intercultural, diversity, equity.
NalikaGajaweeraResearch AssociateUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUS — West

South Asia, Sri Lanka, United States, Theravada Buddhism, mindfulness, dāna, social change, healing
KeziahWallisTeaching Fellow (Asian Religions)University of OtagoAustralia, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Pacific

Burmese Buddhism, women's lived experiences of religion, karmic connections, womanist approaches to religion, phenomenological anthropology, lived religion, women's rituals, Burma/Myanmar
AmyLangenbergAssistant Professor of Religious StudiesEckerd CollegeUS — South, South Asia

South Asian Buddhism, India, Nepal, gender, body, vinaya, Buddhist feminisms, feminist theory, gender theory, sexuality

KarenDerrisProfessorUniversity of RedlandsUS — West

Global Buddhism, ethics, feminist hermeneutics, Pali literature

ElaineFisherAssistant ProfessorStanford UnviersityUS — West, South Asia

Hinduism, South Asian religions, south India, Śaivism, Tantric Studies, Sanskrit, early modern
JessicaFalcone Associate professor of anthropology Kansas State University US — Midwest

South Asian religions; Hinduism and Sikhism (in the diaspora); transnational Buddhism; Buddhist pilgrimage places in India; digital Buddhist practice in virtual worlds; Buddhism in Hawai'i

DheepaSundaramAssistant Professor of Hinduism and Hindu StudiesUniversity of DenverUS — West

Digital Hindu Studies; Hindu Ritual and Performance, Gender and Caste in South Asia; Sanskrit and Tamil Poetics, Literature, and Performance
XingyiWangPhD candidate Harvard UniversityUS — Northeast

East Asian Buddhism, Vinaya and precepts, monasticism, Song Dynasty China, Kamakura Japan, Nanshan Vinaya school

WeiweiLuoAssistant ProfessorGrinnell CollegeUS — West, China / Taiwan / Hong Kong

China, India, Asia, Money and Morality, History of Magic, History of Asian Thought, History of Asian Religions, Classical Texts, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Vedic
PatriciaSauthoffPostdoctoral fellowUniversity of Alberta Canada  
YuditGreenberg Cornell Endowed Chair in ReligionRollins College, Winter Park FloridaUS — South

Jewish Studies, Gender and Religion, Hindu-Jewish Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Crosscultural Perspectives of Love and the Body , Comparative studies in Erotic Poetry
AuraDi FeboPhD studentUniversity of ManchesterEurope

Japanese new religions, Japanese Buddhism, Faith-based welfare, Religiously inspired activism
AuraDi FeboPhD studentUniversity of ManchesterEurope

Japanese new religions, Japanese Buddhism, Faith-based welfare, Religiously inspired activism
LinaVercheryPhD CandidateHarvard UniversityUS — Northeast

Buddhist Studies, Religions of China, East Asian Religions, Comparative Monasticism, Ethnography, Diaspora and Transnationalism, Religious Modernity and Modernism, Sensory Ethnography and Media Anthropology (theory & production), Religion and Film, Post-Humanism and Interspecies Ethics
KarinNaritaPhD researcherQueen Mary, University of LondonEurope

International Political theory, international relations, conservative political thought, intellectual history, Japan, East Asia

KaitlynUgoretzPhD StudentUniversity of California, Santa Barbara US — West
Kaitlyn UgoretzPhD StudentUniversity of California, Santa Barbara US — West

Contemporary Japanese religion, Shintō, New Religions, New Age Religions, digital religion, globalization, popular culture, material religion, digital ethnography, online communities
Melissa Anne-MarieCurleyAssistant ProfessorOhio State UniversityUS — Midwest

Pure Land Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, contemporary Buddhism, Kyoto School philosophy, religion and the body

KellyHammondAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Arkansas US — South

Islam in China, Islam in Asia, Chinese borderlands, Xinjiang, Uyghurs, imperialism and nationalism
BarbaraRuch (pronounced Roosh)Professor Emerita, Japanese Literature and Cultural History    
BarbaraRuch (pronounced Roosh)Professor Emerita, Japanese Literature and Cultural History; On-going Director, IMJS: Institute for Japanese Cultural Heritage InititaivesColumbia UniversityUS — Northeast

Japanese Women, Buddhism and Cultural History; Otomae, the 12th-century singer of imayo sacred and secular songs; Japanese Imperial Buddhist nuns (7th century to present day); Zen Abbess Mugai Nyodai (13th century)

MartaSanvidoPhD StudentCa'Foscari University of VeniceEurope

Buddhism, Japanese Religion, medieval Japanese Buddhism, Zen, Koan, Soto School, Kirigami and secret transmission in Kamakura-Muromachi Buddhism, Onmyodo and Buddhism, Gozan manuscripts, Engi-mono and ritual formation, Meiji Buddhism, Chinese religions, Chan, Daoism, Neo-Confucianism
KristinHanssenIndependent ScholarFormerly Department of Social Anthropology, University of OsloEurope

West Bengal, India, Vaishnavism, Baul, women, gender, life stories, anthropology of emotions, caste, begging, patronage, religious expertise, resistance, rituals, burials
GabrielleHaleyGraduate Student - MA complete US — South

Japanese religions and food; Material culture (video games, pop culture, social media); Religious tourism.

MaluRenzo USP - Sao Paulo - Brazil 

São Paulo
2011 - today: Independent researcher on Mantras, and Śakta-Śaiva Tantrik Philosophy, and Sanskrit Culture. Also interested in Caligraphy in Devanāgarī
2018 - today: Publisher - Ludens Design Studio|Tilakaṃ Publicações - I opened this publish house in 2018, interested in revisiting and preserving cultural traditions.
2008-today: Sanskrit student at USP - Sao Paulo (finished in 2010) - continuing studies till now.
1999-today: Sacred Geometry and Meditation teacher since 99
1981-2010:Graduated in 81 in Visual Communications - specialized in Corporate Identity, creating symbols and packaging.
JaneMikkelsonPostdoctoral FellowUniversity of VirginiaUS — Northeast

South Asia; Iran; Central Asia; Literature in Persian, Urdu, Pahlavi, and Russian; Islam; Islamic Philosophy; Sufism; religion and literature; comparative literature; imagination; theories of the lyric; early modern.
JessicaZuPh.D. Candidate (ABD)Princeton UniversityUS — Northeast

My research interests are Buddhism and Chinese modernity, global intellectual history, vegetarianism in modern China, and Sino-Indo (South Asia) Buddhist exchanges in the 20th century. My teaching areas include history of East Asia, history of Buddhism, history of engaged Buddhism, Buddhist literature, Buddhist philosophy, translation theories, methods and theories in religious studies.
SarahHaynesProfessorWestern Illinois UniversityUS — Midwest

Buddhism in North America
Tibetan Buddhism

AdeanaMcNichollAssistant ProfessorVanderbilt UniversityUS — South

South Asian Buddhism, Buddhism in America, gender, body, ghosts, cosmology

HalleO'NealReaderUniversity of EdinburghEurope

Japanese Buddhist visual and material culture
Manuscript studies
Buddhist relics and reliquaries
Bodies of the Buddha
Word and image
Reuse and recycling of material culture
KiraThibaudeauGraduate StudentMcMaster UniversityCanada

East Asian Buddhism, Medieval Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist Nuns, Buddhist Material Culture, Critical Theory, Sex & Gender Studies, Religious Studies Method & Theory, Visual & Material Culture

JOHANVirginiePost-Doctoral EFEOEurope

Kutiyattam, Sanskrit theatre of India
Kutiyattam temple performances
EmilySimpsonLecturerDartmouth CollegeUS — Northeast

Japan, Buddhism, Shinto, syncretic religious traditions, Empress Jingū, women in Japanese religion, Japanese folklore, shamanism

AnushkaNayakStudentVisva Bharati UniversitySoutheast Asia , South Asia, Tibet / Central Asia

I'm from India, currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Indo Tibetan Language at Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan.

ElisaFreschiPrincipal Investigator and AssistantAustrian Academy of Sciences and University of ViennaEurope, South Asia

Viṣṇuism, theodicy, free will, atheism, conceptions of God
LucyMcCormickPhD studentUniversity of GlasgowEurope

Japanese Zen
Tibetan Buddhism
European engagement wit Busshist traditions
Buddhism in the French avant garde

CourtneyBruntzAssistant Professor of Asian ReligionsDoane University US — Midwest  
JulieVigAssistant ProfessorUniversity of TorontoCanada

Early modern Sikh and Punjabi cultural production, Brajbhasha literature, Comparative religion, Sikh women in the diaspora, South Asian Religions.
MichelleMcCoyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of PittsburghUS — Northeast, US — Midwest, China / Taiwan / Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, Tibet / Central Asia

Art history of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism; Khitan, Song, Tangut, and Kitchen religious culture
MarziaVettoratoPh.D. Student"Sapienza" University, RomeEurope

Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, honji-suijaku theory and effects, Shintō, Onmyōdō and divination , interaction and mutual influences of different religions and worships in Ancient Japan.

Current research: Divination and Astral Cults in Heian - Era Japan (794 - 1185): dynamics and influences within the Imperial court.

NatashaMiklesLecturerTexas State UniversityUS — South, US — West

Buddhist Hell realms; Buddhist popular literature (especially in Tibet and China); Buddhist masculinity; Tibetan religion; Gesar epic; Buddhist violence and debates about violence; Tantric ethics; Chinese religion; Chinese narratives; Secularization in contemporary China; Descent to hell narratives; transnational Buddhism

JessicaZuAssistant Professor of ReligionUSC DornsifeUS — West

Chinese Buddhism, modern Buddhism, engaged Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Yogacara, India-China comparison